$ 14.00

Bergamot + Lavender essential oils (with a touch of coconut oil)


floral, sharp, fresh

Keep a bottle of UNCENSORED in your purse or on your nightstand to keep anxiety at bay. You'll love the relaxing, fresh and astringent qualities of bergamot and lavender essential oils and the convenience of our glass roll on bottles for aromatherapy on the go.

Writers block?  Tongue tied?  Lost your voice (literally or figuratively)?  UNCENSORED is just the blend of essential oils to help you work through that.

Beautifully labeled, easy to transport glass roll on bottles make the benefits of aromatherapy convenient, accessible and modern.

Release anxiety and embrace your voice with UNCENSORED. Rub on pulse points before a presentation, hot date or when you're just feeling a little off. Or whenever you want to feel  and smell really good.


Made in the USA

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